For centuries, travelers have made the pilgrimage to Egypt, a wondrous land of contrasts, quenching their desire for adventure, mystery, history and romance. Egypt is a land that captivates, enthralls and entices. Ancient monuments that have withstood the tests of time watch as the eternal waters of the Nile flow through pristine green valleys. Endless desert gives way to miraculous oases and flawless seaside retreats. Egypt budget tours invites you to accept our offer to be your special guide on a journey that will tantalize your senses and create an unforgettable memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

Sometimes you have very short time like only one day trip .with Egypt budget tours you can enjoy this short time as much as you can with choosing one of our exiting day tours.
to the best of Egypt destinations.egypt budget tours will help you to use your limited time in Egypt as much as you can .see giza pyramids,sakkara,islamic cairo,alexandria ,fayoum and more

If you have bigger time in Egypt and you want to enjoy and use this time as much as you can according to your needs, interests, budget and your favorite destinations in Egypt.
Camping in one of Egypt's deserts is a unique experience that you will never forget because it is more than desert our desert is in different colors enjoy camping in the white desert ,watching the black desert .....
Egypt budget tours organizes diving programs at the Red Sea and Sinai....The Red Sea and Sinai have fascinating and exotic natural environment with unusually constant water temperature all year round....
  Egypt budget tours is professional in handling quick trips and shore excursions to passengers of cross-channel Ferries visiting the Mediterranean or Red sea ports or crossing the Suez Canal on their way to the Far East. Our shore excursion staff is ready to take full responsibility of all arrangements efficiently including Visa, customs, inoculations, transportation, sightseeing, dining, etc. for more details please contact us.
As Egypt has endless fun so make it more than normal trip by adding what you like from our EXTRA OPTIONS...
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