1-THE sound and light show: ( 10 € )

Listen to the sphinx talking about himself , the history of the pyramids , and ancient Egypt accompanied with the attractive lasers and spot lights on the sphinx's face and the pyramids. You can also attend this light show in Luxor , karnak temples in Luxor , and phillea temple in Aswan. .



2-CAMEL ride at Giza pyramid: ( 25 )

Explore the desert through the most funny and convenient way which we always recommend by taking the camel ride at Giza pyramids.




An open buffet dinner and Show (Belly Dancer, Whirling Darwish, folklore dance and oriental Western songs and music) while cruising the Cairo Nile River for 2 hours.



4-Nile felucca in Cairo: ( 15 )

Experience the beauty of the Nile, the calmness of sailing, and the myriad of colors in the sky changing as the sun sets. It is at the same time a relaxing and an exciting way to spend an evening and to see Cairo in a completely different way



5-Hot air balloon in Luxor: ( 80 )

Fly high over Valley of the Kings in Luxor. The hot air balloon is a unique experience and great opportunity to enjoy watching the fascinating view of the greatest Open Air Museum (Luxor), at sun rise.


6-More of medieval Cairo: ( 20 )

AS Cairo is the city of the 1000 minarets so it worth to have extra day trip or extend your city tour in Cairo to see more of this charming and interesting medieval buildings and mosques such as:( City of dead, Rifae Mosque, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Ebn Tulun Mosque & Gayer Anderson House , the fantastic city view from moqqatam hills, and the beautiful Azhar park .



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