Egypt budget tours links you with Egypt's ancient time. It is your key to enter the fascinating world of pharaohs, deities, sultans and caliphs: relive the crusades, conquests, fiefdoms and dynasties of 7000 years ago; marvel at the contrast and harmony of its green valleys, deserts and oases. See what mystical monuments, natural beauty and balmy resorts Egypt offers!

our mission

May be it is only once in your life to visit the land of the great pharaohs Egypt, so let's make it a unique visit and experience the best in it with us .Egypt budget tours aims to make your trip one of those that you will never forget. Egypt budget tours aims to convert your money into real exciting trip, it aims to give you the optimum quality of service as it is running by firm administration.
Egypt budget tours aims to give you the best service which meets your needs, interests and your budget at the same time. Egypt budget tours gives you the opportunity to create your trip by yourself as it meets the time that suits you and your budget. Egypt budget tours offers a variety of Egypt tour packages covering the whole of Egypt interesting destinations (and soon Jordon and other countries in the region).
So let's make your dream come true with your tours.

Our friendly, helpful, licnesd tour guides are highly qualified and professional in leading the tourist groups and providing them with as much information as they need about Egypt

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