Day 1 20

Day tour to Giza (where is the great famous pyramid of King Cheops and the great sphinx), Sakkara (where is the first pyramid was built in Egypt) and Memphis (the first capital of Egypt)

Day 2 20

Day tour to Giza pyramids and the Egyptian museum (where you can see the famous collection of king TUT)

Day 3 20

Day tour to DAHSHUR (where is the red and the bent pyramids of king Senefru and the black pyramid).Memphis and Sakkara.

Day 4 20

Day tour to Islamic Cairo and the Egyptian museum.

Day 5 55 €
Day tour to Alexandria (the BRIDE of the Mediterranean

Day 6 200
Day tour to Luxor (the city which contains third of the world's monuments)

Day 7 45
Day tour to fayoum oases
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